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While we anticipate further guidance and details from our Health Authorities, we are already making plans for a heightened level of health and safety at our programs. These include:

  • Physical distancing of children 

    • In order to protect children and instructors, we are utilizing multiple measures to maximize health and safety at programs, including utilizing pieces of equipment to define specific spaces for individual participants and posting signage and communication at programs regarding social distancing, provision of supplies for hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.

    • If an instructor is working with a participant and close contact/support is required, Personal Protective Equipment has been identified by health officials as suitable mitigation for this situation. This is a similar approach being used by barbers, hairstylists and any other personal service that requires close proximity between worker and customer. Also note that instructors are advised to limit physical contact with children.

    • Accidents happen; scrapes and bruises are not common at our camp but, Our staff all have first aid training and will use their best judgement to balance the need for treatment and emotional support, with the need to limit close contact.

    • Instructors will wear masks and gloves should first aid treatment be required

    • participants are taught by single instructors only.

    • External visitors or drop-ins are not allowed.

    • Programs are limited to 8 children Max.

    • Children must bring their own water bottles.


  • Personal Protective Equipment as recommended by health authorities

    • Our ultimate goal is to provide safe and healthy programs and still allow staff to have a positive engagement with participants. We will be following the guidelines of our regional health authority with regards to the use of PPE (face coverings in particular) for those times social distancing is not possible.

    • Current guidelines to require Masks to be worn at all times. Masks may be removed one you/the child are in their personal bubble (marked on the floor with tape) and must be replaced when leaving your bubble. The only exception is for those unable to place/remove a mask independently or for those who have a health condition that does not allow for a mask to be worn

  • As PPE becomes mandated by our regional health authority, we will ask that a personal, comfortable, face covering be brought to class for the child. 

  • Enhanced hand washing protocols & facility cleaning

    • Hand sanitizer – will be available to all instructors and participants.

    • Instructions for participants and staff on how to cover mouth/no touching of face.

    • Washing of hands will be required before and after activities (where optional PPEs are taken off/put on), and as a normal part of any bathroom breaks.

  • Adjustments to our training equipment to limit cross-contact

    • Regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces.

    • Sharing of equipment between participants and classes will be kept to a minimum.

    • We will be separating out any used equipment for cleaning during each camp day and it will not be allowed for use until cleaned, sanitized and placed into the "Clean Bin"

    • Cleaning of equipment will be as per health guidelines utilizing an approved sanitizing procedure.

  • Health checks for participants & staff

    • Daily health screen for every kid/family.

    • Daily health screen and temperature check for instructors.

    • Promotion of stay at home if feeling ill or exhibiting any symptoms.

  • Contactless sign-in and sign-out procedures

    • Designated areas for each class and kid/parent.

    • Parents will also be expected to abide by local guidelines during drop off and pick up regarding the use of PPE.

  • Strict "no sharing" policies for food & personal items

    • It will be reinforced at programs amongst staff and participants  


More detail will be provided around these new safety measures at programs as they become available. 

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