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Apply for Financial Assistance

One of my goals and values when launching this business was to make high level programming accessible to everyone which is why we are launching our financial assistance program.

Here's how it works:

Certain classes and programs will have the option to apply for financial assistance. You will need to fill out a confidential form to express how this would help your family! We will have limited spots available but will do our best to help as many families as possible. Should your family be chosen, they will attend the regular scheduled program just as everyone else. No one within the class (not even the instructor) will know that your family applied for the financial assistance. All we ask for is your commitment to fulfil the program spot by showing up! 

If your family is chosen, we will contact you via email prior to the program started to complete registration. If your family is not chosen we will keep your application on file for 
future programs. 

Although there is no cap on how many programs you can apply for financial assistance with, we will try our best to select new families each time. 

If you are a business or family is interested in supporting this initiative, please email and we will let you know how you can help. 

Apply For Financial Assistance
Which location serves you best?

Thanks for submitting! Your application has been received and we will be in contact should your family be chosen. 

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