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We started with just kids classes and now are quickly expanding to offer programs for all ages.

At Play Kootenays your wellbeing comes first. Our mission is to focus on and normalize mental health for the whole family - that means youth and adults. We are here to create happier, healthier families. Stay tuned as we are constantly adding to our offerings.


Playful Kids

A mama asked her child what they do in class and they responded: "everyone just does their best and everyone's best is different and that's okay

Twins on a Skateboard

Dance with you is the only activity he goes to with out complaining. He asks to speed up the week so he can get there quicker. 

Fashion Kids

It was well laid out, the workout kicked by butt, and the energy was fantastic, I plan on keeping up with these forever.  They made me feel phenomenal, and what a work out! (DANCEPL3Y adults)

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