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Kundalini Yoga Lotus

Welcome to the
Online Play Studio

How would you move through life if you could move freely with less pain or stress?


During the pandemic everything was pushed to virtual, and although I love being back in person - as a mom, I know that making it to a class can be really hard which is why I created a virtual series for you. Be it a busy work schedule, parenting commitments, or anything else you have on your plate - we don't want your opportunity for movement to be limited!

The problem is…​

  • Days feel long and slow when we don't prioritize movement

  • Our mental health is struggling after the last 2.5 years in stress mode

  • We often don't get the depth of yoga past a 60 minute class when doing it in person

  • We are lacking time to freely leave the house and take a class when we desire to

I think we have finally realized that our old sense of normal wasn't working and we have been offered a beautiful chance to redefine what normal can look like, 

I created a virtual studio to help you create a life that flows exactly how and when you need.

The Balance of Prenatal
A collection of four 30 minute gentle flow yoga classes designed specifically to accommodate your prenatal journey. 
  • Ideal for a mid-day reset when you need to restore your body and mind

  • Perfect right before bed to help wind down from the day and prepare for sleep

  • Accessible for all prenatal students that have approval from their doctors or midwives to continue physical activity.


Practicing Yoga at Home
Prenatal Yoga Lesson
Yin & Yang
A collection of four 40 minute yoga classes that flow from a more fast paced practice that builds heat in the body and then ends with the most relaxing and beneficial yin poses.
  • Ideal for when you feel like you are lacking balance

  • Perfect right before bed to help wind down from the day and prepare for sleep

  • Accessible for students of all levels

Vinyasa Flow
A collection of four 30 minute yoga classes that perfectly connect breath with movement. These yoga classes focuse on energizing the body/mind and increasing full body strength and stamina
  • Ideal for first thing in the morning when you are lacking time for a full class

  • Minimal Props required which makes it more accessible to everyone

  • Build on your practice as a beginner or more advanced student

Barre Blast
A collection of four 30 minute yoga classes designed to strengthen, improve flexibility and offer a new sense of confidence. 
  • Ideal for those looking for a mixture of strength and flexibility

  • A set of low weights are great to take your class to the next level but not required

  • All levels of physical activity welcome

Meditation Series
A collection of four prerecorded meditations that perfectly connect breath with movement. These meditations will help with sleep, self love, and being more grounded.
  • Various lengths to ensure there's always one that fits your schedule

  • Great for someone who has never meditated before or who meditates frequently

  • Activate your parasympathetic nervous system by learning to gain control of your breath.

Meditating in Backyard
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